Resources for Learning LFE

Learning LFE must be taken in three tracks: learning the syntax particular to a Lisp on the Erlang VM, with all its support for pattern matching, Erlang-style arities, etc.; learning the ins-and-outs of BEAM languages and OTP; and finally, more deeply exploring the Lisp heritage of LFE. This multi-pronged approach is the path to success.


Getting Started

More Details

Next Step for LFE?


There are some phenomenal materials available for a self-paced Erlang/OTP education. Some of the classics are given below. For those with bigger budgets, remember that formal training is also an option! (In fact, there are not only classes offered for Erlang, but also LFE ...)

The Language & OTP

In Production

Once you've learned how to write Erlang/LFE/OTP applications, is time to get them into production, and you'll find the following invaluable references for that:


In the event that you want to dive deeper into the world of Lisp itself, there are several excellent texts to explore.