Community Resources

The LFE community is small but passionate; we are firm believers in the Erlang VM and OTP, usually as a result of having suffered greatly in their absence and knowing incredible strengths. Most of all, though, we have a deep appreciation for the aesthetics, usefulness, and raw power of LISP. This is where you will find us.

Social Media

LFE on Mastodon

Dedicated LFE Slack workspace (get an invite here)

LFE Discord (get an invite here)

LFE on

There's also an LFE channel on the official Erlang Slack workspace (get an invite here)



Traditional Media

The LFE mail list (Google group)

The #erlang-lisp channel on (you'll need to register your nick)

The LFE Blog

LFE on Wikipedia


LFE YouTube channel

Old LFE YouTube channel

Repos, Code, & Container Images

The official LFE code repository

The lfe org - LFE docs, site, rebar3 LFE plugin, examples, blog, etc.

The CB&B|Books org - Publisher where LFE books are maintained

The lfex org - LFE community libraries

The lfeutre org - Other LFE libraries, slightly "fringe"

The lfe-http org - Non-framework, HTTP-related LFE projects

The lfe-mug org - LFE web application middleware, inspired by Clojure Ring and Reitit

The lfe-dragon org - A planned LFE web framework

The lfe-support org - Repos not written in LFE, but supporting LFE projects

The erlsci org - Erlang projects used by various LFE projects

The billosys org - LFE and Erlang projects at Billo Systems

The quasiquoting org

The clojang org - Idiomatic Clojure ⬄ Erlang/LFE/Elixir Interop

The lfe-rebar3 org - LFE rebar3 plugins, mostly old

The lfe-deprecated org - Deprecated LFE projects

LFE on Rosetta Code

A large collection of LFE Docker images